Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New Years Day Today Sucker

Here is the low-down on the down-side of the up-side living of life ...

I haven't blogged because I am a "lame-e-ack". I am not sure of the exact spelling of that word as I am going to have to ask the creator, a six-year old with a creative use of words, how he thought it might be spelled if someone was using it on a blog to describe one self.

Life has progressed and transcended into a whirl-wind of awesomeness. I am more into this life than I have ever been, and on the horizon things look like a watercolor masterpiece.

I want to remember all the funny quotes the kids tell me when they think I am not listening, because seriously Jay Leno has nothing on these kids. I am going to start posting them as often as I can remember to turn on my box of info and input their brilliance.

I want to write about all the great things going on in my atmosphere with beautiful words that express the feelings running through my every cell. I have to remember to do that.

I am embarking on a self healing mission that includes eating healthy, exercise and love.

Life is good.


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