Thursday, June 01, 2006

Reasons Why

I haven't written in so long
Not due to nothing to say
Rather too much all at once

Time needed
Sorting thoughts
Sorting angles and rectangles and rounds

Faster than I have ever known
Never have I known a love like this
So much that it overtakes my
Life, in which I know
This is
Is what it means

All those songs
And poems flowing with magic images
Ones I clearly understand
With clarity I have never known

So that is why
Now it seems as if I could not
Understand not feeling this love
For now, and always
I would do anything to keep it real
Here and now

I love how it feels to be swallowed
And can't breathe but suffocated in happiness
That feeling
That rush
Rollercoaster rush
With your hands in the air
No, not like that
That is mechanical
This is more
And sustaining

I love
Oh how I love
More love than I thought I could

My struggle is how to never
Get out of the clear cool pool in the hidden cavern
Never to get dirty with human dispair
Don't let it suck me in
I don't want to let it bother me
I want to believe

Please don't take it away
Is it bad to want that
Want that for the rest of my days
I want to cuddle in it
Wake up to it
Dream it


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