Wednesday, March 01, 2006

To My Little Wonder,

Wow, Princess, time sure flies. Just the other night I was looking at your features, your cute nose and beautiful brown eyes, when I noticed, just how much you had grown. No longer do you have those chubby baby checks that begged to be squeezed, or that little cute toosh all wrapped up in a diaper as you chugged along your way. You have stopped reaching up to me asking to "hold you" when you wanted picked up. You no longer can be entertained for hours with cheerios spread across the table for you to find.

There you were smiling up at me, and I saw before me my little girl. My little girl who is now growing into a wonderful young lady. You already have that determination in you to that you will reach for the stars, even to only land in the tree-tops. Which I have always told you is better than reaching for the tree-tops and landing in the dirt. You are now in charge of your little world, figuring out how to make it spin. You don't need my hand when crossing the street, or scared of getting lost into the grocery store. You are concerned with learning how to make the most of this life you have, and spreading joy as you go.

Thank you for that glimpse into your world. Thank you for showing me just how truly amazing you are.

Love for ever and always, infinity and beyond,
Your Mom


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