Tuesday, February 14, 2006

All The Reasons In The World

  1. He can say "I love you" without hesitation
  2. He is a good Father
  3. He is so cute when he geeks
  4. He holds my hand just because
  5. He is funny and witty
  6. He notices the small things
  7. He remembered my Mom's birthday
  8. He expands my mind with new ideas and ways to look at the world
  9. He treats people with respect and is genuinely nice
  10. He is willing to try new things
  11. He likes Sex and the City
  12. He picks out gifts that mean something
  13. He plays with the dog even though he was a cat person
  14. He adds art to my blog, he colorizes my world
  15. He lets me ask, "what are you thinking?" five hundred times
  16. He stares into my eyes when I am talking
  17. He makes me smile on a tough day
  18. He is the only person that I have ever really made love to
  19. He is amazing at making love
  20. He takes time to let me know he is thinking of me
  21. He works hard
  22. He is smart
  23. He didn't give up when it would have been easy to walk away
  24. He is willing to be vulnerable with me
  25. He trust me
  26. He has a great build and feels so good when lying next to me
  27. He hugs me and I feel the connection
  28. He connects to me
  29. He is easy to love
  30. He is good with my daughter
  31. He is patient
  32. He is willing to be in an awkward situation if it means being together
  33. He reads my blog
  34. He is a partner
  35. He is talented in so many ways
  36. He helps my brother
  37. He shovels the walks
  38. He knows how to fix things
  39. He gets excited about the future
  40. He makes a great cup of coffee
  41. He is wonderfull to have coffee with
  42. He talks to me and works for communication
  43. He touches and my body melts
  44. He smells good
  45. He tells his boys that they are loved
  46. He likes to be the driver
  47. He is willing to go shopping with me
  48. He is competitive
  49. He is grounding when I feel sand slipping away from me
  50. He makes the effort
  51. He knows that he isn't perfect
  52. He loves the whole me
  53. He has my heart and holds it carefully
  54. He looks cute snowboarding
  55. He likes to do kid stuff
  56. He has talked on the phone for a long period just to connect
  57. He made a snow scene out of puddy
  58. He is a good son
  59. He knows that sometimes you have to just let go
  60. He cares
  61. He will still on occasion open the car door for me
  62. He will carry my lipstick in his coat pocket
  63. He has good opinions
  64. He is good at research
  65. He will wrestle on the floor with the kids to see them laugh
  66. He really enjoys being "Daddy"
  67. He knows when I am joking
  68. He isn't afraid to say he is afraid
  69. He is my balance in my world
  70. He remembers to include everyone
  71. He remembered that my Great-Grandmother passed the month we met
  72. He isn't overly jealous but cares enough to be concerned
  73. He says "no" sometimes
  74. He is what I was looking for
  75. He has great arms
  76. He is a great companion on road trips
  77. He is the kind of person you can see yourself spending a lifetime knowing
  78. He is fascinating
  79. He teaches me things I didn't know before
  80. He still is "it" for me
  81. He gives the best hand massages in the world
  82. He is the best
  83. He blushes and it is adorable
  84. He is still humble
  85. He is thorough in making decisions
  86. He makes me a better person just by knowing him
  87. He makes me giggle
  88. He made me believe in love
  89. He believes in a better tomorrow
  90. He is willing to see it through
  91. He took a chance
  92. He is someone I love being with
  93. He looks great in a white dress shirt
  94. He makes my toes curl with excitement
  95. He is a great kisser
  96. He drinks white wine with me even though he prefers red
  97. He has opened my mind to indie movies
  98. He thinks murder documentaries are good date flicks
  99. He goes to chick flicks with me
  100. He is more than 100 things to love

Happy Valentines


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