Wednesday, January 25, 2006

It Must Be Nice

I was at work, and reading on The 10 Attitudes of Successful Workers, because I don't think "don't talk to me I haven't had coffee" was going to be in the top ten but I was hoping for maybe a number 11 or something. When all a sudden I came upon the following informative piece; "Dr. Martin Seligman, an authority on optimism".

I want to know how does one become an "authority on optimism"? Is there a degree for this? Would there be like a Doctorate of Optimism offered at the university of Happy? Hmmm, come to think of it, I am sure there is a course like that at BYU, they are the experts on happiness I am sure.

Not me, I am going to strive to become the next authority on satisfied. When people want to know what is satisfactory in life, they will have to come ask me. I don't want to talk about over achieving or under performing, just on what is satisfactory. I assume the conversation will go like this:

Here is a top 10 list on Attitudes of a Satisfied Worker:

1. I am in charge of punching in the timeclock. You know what time you are expected to arrive at work, and you get there in time to swipe your timebadge before becoming tardy.

2. Anything is okay. You look at opportunity as pain verses pleasure, and as long as the scales are equal, life is okay.

3. No task is too small or too big. It is just the right amount of work for you. You don't take on too much but you also are challenged enough to feel okay.

4. Everyone you work with is a co-worker. Neither friend nor foe, and that is how you keep it.

5. I was made to do this job ... and just that. You don't need promotions or demoting because you are perfectly suited for your job.

6. It is what you know. That is what makes you perfectly suited for your job, you know how to do it, and do it to meet the required guidelines.

7. What else? There is nothing else. That is because you are are okay with your job, you need not to take on anything new.

8. Failure sucks, and so does success. That is why you just stay where you are. No emotional rollarcoaster, and that is good.

9. You are your own ... well .... Administrator. Supportive enough to get the job done, but not a cheerleader that is over the top.

10. Your monitor turns off at the end of the day. You know how to leave the work at the job and not carry it over into your personal life. You come to work, ready to work and leave your life at the door when you clock in.


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