Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Good Idea

Motif Monday - there is a topic and you write on it. Simple, yet brilliant.

This week's is "A Good Deed", and Hannihaus' blog got me thinking about the subject. The real biting part is this is during the holiday season which doing good deeds seem to be as standard as nasty fruit cake. Just by the fact that I compared fruit cake to good deeds should suggest something. I am not a good-doer and am really okay with the fact.

People might think this is sad, and give me all sorts of examples where I have been not nasty to someone therefore defaulting to being "nice". That can make you feel decent if said with enough sincerity to believe it. I do not need that.

I think people who do good deeds are people that rescue children from third world orphanages, or build houses for a homeless man who is a known drunk, or give up their worldly goods and go dig ditches to bring water to a drought community. Those are good deeds.

I don't.

I am okay with mediocrity and just simply surviving the day to day life task ahead of me. Perhaps someday I might have the desire to really go out into this world and do good deeds, and maybe I will change someone's life forever.

Till then I will not make chili out of my dog for puking all over the floor and then not cleaning it up. I won't sell my child on the black market because they might be the only ones who can take her attitude. I promise not to drive insanely fast into the back end of the jackass who almost caused me a roll over on I-15 at 70 mph. I won't even yell at the kid who rams his Mom's shopping cart into the back of my heels while he is learning to drive. This one, just because it is the season, is that I promise to say at least one nice thing about my ex this month when he doesn't pay me the money he owes for our child care.



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