Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Gather round, this could get interesting ...

There is this great service that Google is testing called Google Analytics. It is one of the most impressive services to tell you any and all data concerning your website traffic and use. There are charts and graphs and all sorts of bells and whistles to give you that tingly feeling, trust me on this, it is good.

But here is the show-stopper ....

Are you ready?


If you are outside of Utah (yes the other 3 of you reading), you may not understand the full meaning of what I just spoke, so I will explain. You see I have actually been to the Unita Basin where there is this little community called Vernal. Try saying that out loud: vern-al. Yea, sounds appealing doesn't it? I believe this community is funded by the farming that takes place, and it appears at first glance to be like any farming community in the US, except one major thing, it is in Utah. We all know Utah would like to be annexed from the rest of the country, but can't, so they just operate as if they were. Yea, that and they like shredded carrots in lime jello.

So the folks I met in Vernal were either the worlds hardest partiers or the most moral, there was not any in between. Perhaps I should have spent more time getting to know the folk, but I thought for a city girl like myself to spend a weekend there was more than enough. THEY STILL MAKE AND DRINK MOONSHINE in Vernal. Have you ever smelled that stuff? I think it would make nose hair trimmers completely useless as it burns off anything within two inches of the fumes it emits. Someone take a close whiff and tell me if my theory works.

So there you are in Vernal, with nothing to do, and so you try this moonshine, which is a first cousin once removed from gasoline. There is nothing on the 5 channels of TV so what next?

I suppose this is where I get my 9 Vernal readers.

*Cheers* this cup of eggnog is for you.


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