Thursday, December 29, 2005

Double Dawg Dare

Unlike licking a cold metal pole in the middle of winter, writing about "women who don't answer previous emails" is fairly easy challenge. You see my second job has all but sharpened my people skills (oh baby I got skills) and I know that in order to keep conversation a flow you must avoid certain topics while focusing on others. It is often referred to the "distraction method" in parenting, and wouldn't you know it works on most men too.

I say most because every so often I come across a guy in conversation that tries to outwit the hare, and therefore creates a maze of interaction. Playing ping pong while blindfolded, if you will. It can be fun and exciting but what happens when you get a plastic ball in the forehead? Things to consider, I say.

Last night I spent the good portion of my evening talking to two pilots for a major airline company. They were of course in the bar looking for female interaction, and we started to discuss the entire dance of the mating dance in the 21st century. What makes a good relationship, what makes just a good physical connection and why even bother?

You would be surprised at the one finding I came upon. I said that I had heard on a radio talk show that basically men have to needs: food and sex. If you are to satisfy those two needs then all else falls into place. In conversation with the "other side" they said that in fact that probably is a very good way to look at it in the most simplified terms. We of course expanded to say that sex must be because of "want and desire" and not a chore, and that food comes "nurture and caring" for your mate.

So then I say .... in an email, are we getting food or sex?


Anonymous Hänni said...

Hmm food for thought? Lust for knowledge?

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