Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Time For Being Real

Isn't there that always inevitable moment in any good relationship when being real takes over the sense of protective thought? That split second thought when you don't care about what the breaking fall is going to feel like in the morning that right at that moment you must take that leap? What I ponder more, is why is this always proceeded by a large consumption of delightful alcoholic beverages?

Archived a conversation between two people who just at that moment where throwing their cards on the table and seeing how the house falls, not able to understand the full complexity of how the cards are stacked. But we typed and hit enter. No holding back, no delete key.

Just hit enter.

Now there are sewn patches, trying to mend and hold together what has become the fabric we are made of. Nothing can be unsaid, and neither person wanting to take it back. It was real, it was a reaction to what was going on inside. The inner part of what makes us really "us".

So I have to evaluate, was it said in momentum of forward movement, or has it done the two step back and one forward dance? What now? What can be made of such an exchange of pain and love? Can time show the answer to what is to come of it all, or has that time past and now we must deal with it?

Just hit enter.


Anonymous Hänni said...

I know I probably shouldn't cheapen your excellent post by saying this, but as I am greatly saddened by the news of the newlyweds breakup, well I can't help but think this is like that e-mail Jessica sent to Nick just hours before they announced their divorce.

Thanks for the add by the way!

10:26 AM  
Blogger Sassy said...

Well maybe the breaking point here is that I know chicken of the sea isn't about a chicken that can swim LOL.

I think every relationship has those moments where it can define two people and how they interact with each other. Fortunatly for me the end of this story is one where two people have a strong desire to talk through those moments and find the strength to understand one another and grow from it.

And your welcome for the add, I really enjoy reading your blog :)

10:07 AM  

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