Friday, October 14, 2005

Password Protected

In my past there is all sorts of tidbits to explain who I am, where I have been and what I have learned. Some lessons where great others hard as nails to get through to me. I have scrapbooked these moments in various forms of emails, notes, and even old sweatshirts. That is who I am.

I have walked forward and made new memories, kept new mementos and treasured new text messages. This is my holding bag, full of memory and feeling. I don't want to let go, and lose something of me.

So I protect it. Put it in the back corner of my closet, file it a non-descript folder, tuck it in between pages of a book. Storage.

In walks love, and all melts into the now of who I am. It is part, yet not forgotten, rather enjoyed for the lessons and growth of my past. I am walking forward with all that I am.

Little bits forward, sharing stories, open to being vulnerable. I am loving it, soaking it up. Even handing over the "key", and not worrying what happens when the door gets unlocked.

Then logic kicks in, and perhaps you shouldn't be so open. There is things that you might not share because of how they are read. Maybe a slight gate is okay and needed for general protection of one's sense of self.

To know me, is to know all parts. This is who I am. The person I am is not afraid of my closet, although I know it holds all sorts, and it isn't all what it is upon first look.

So my password remains, the one that is known. I am not changing now who I am - it is me. One who is just about being real, handing over the key without any reservations.


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