Tuesday, October 04, 2005

On The Lighter Side

It is picture day today, and my little 1st grader looks fabulous. We spent all morning curling hair and picking out just the perfect outfit. We even practiced her cutest smile in the mirror, just to be sure.

As we drove off to school, with my little sister in the vehicle as well as my daughter I told them, "okay for pictures act like sweet adorable little girls" (pause) "even if you have to fake it".

My daughter erupted in a fit of giggles followed by the standard, "ahhh mom, you're silly", my little sister who is all of 12 just looked at me and gave the pre-teen eye roll, served with a side of 'you are so lame'.

I leaned into my daughter and whispered, "some people just don't get my jokes", she winked at me and said, "I do Mom, and I think you're funny".

Hey I got my kid's seal of approval, that is all I need.


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