Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A Noon'er

I love my Quiznos, I just do! I would tell you which one it is but then you would all rush down and ruin my perfect lunch time bubble.

Let me tell you why this is the 'Best Place On Earth' with ears and all. The people. The staff that runs this little shop are funny and witty and probably not legal. They are dressed in the latest grunge style or skater or punk, I am not even sure what style it is although I am sure featured in Rolling Stone ads.

We are worker bees, the drones. In our pods with our identifying corporate badges attached to our body. Yes, scan my forehead there may be some microchip implanted that can tell you my career path till retirement.

In we walk gabbing about the normal boring water cooler chit-chat, and ah-ha the light beams upon us, as the smart-ass ask what will it be today? As if we ever change our order. With a laugh and witty comeback he says, "yea but today it will cost double". So then we change our order.

Foiled again! They have successfully gotten us to try something new and without ever really thinking about it. It is delicious! He laughs and smirks all the way preparing some foreign sounding sandwich and sails it off into the oven.

The cashier, just as refreshing. Telling us we get some sort of beauty discount, which I think actually adds to our bill ?!? Another good laugh is had.

Our table is a bit messy, I grab the wash rag from behind the counter and state, "here I will clean up our table for you, don't want to bother you much". To which I get a unified, "you're hired" in reply.

We leave our Quiznos and return back to the hum-drum but with a smile.


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