Wednesday, October 05, 2005

New Orleans Layoffs

That is today's headline news, the city cannot pay it's staff, so in effort to save itself they will layoff 3,000 non-essential employees.

How do we sit here as a nation with our checkbooks in a plus, and allow a city to just crumble at our feet? Do we do nothing? Do we even take notice?

How can we label 3,000 people as "non-essential", is not every job and every person's means to feed and take care of their family "essential"? So they are not in the front lines of police and firefighters personnel, but who is going to support that front line, who is going to be there when the paperwork needs to be handled, or calls to families need to be made?

I am disgusted that the Bush administration can find 5 billion dollars every month to support a war on Iraq, but yet we cannot help our very own? We cannot save our people? How is THAT possible?

Questions, all I have is questions
No answers no way of knowing
No solutions no leadership


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