Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I Should Have

When he told me that, sitting there that evening,
When I said all the wrong things and none of what I meant
I should have just said, "I am sorry she hurt you like that"
And just held him in my arms

Instead I wanted to say the things I had been holding in
For someone that would never listen to me
Someone long ago of my past
I took the time to say what I hadn't said in years

To many words, to much said, not listening
I really should listen more
And talk less
Really take in what is said

But deep down, you know the area where you keep secrets
It was hearing how much she hurt him
That gave me the opportunity to know him
And the chance to once again love in my life

I can't say that I am sorry she said that
Or that there is no repair to something like that
When you can't take back those words
Because they have cut so deep

I am however ....
Sorry for your hurt and your pain
Because you are wonderful
And no one should be cut like that
Especially someone so loving as you

Signed sincerely,


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