Monday, September 26, 2005

To My Little Wonder,

This morning you were snuggled up beside me in my bed all cozy, and you did your cute little morning stretch which involves firmly planting that boney little elbow of yours into my right rib. Darling it was, no really it was. Quite possible that they (whoever "they" may be) are right, and now that you are almost 7 that it is time that you found your way to your own bed instead of begging me endlessly to sleep "one more time" with me in my bed. My argument has always been that all to quickly you will decide that me as your Mother is incapable of being anything closely related to 'cool' and you will want to only bond with your friends and return to me for basic living needs such as food, shelter, and of course $20 to go to the movies. At that time I will give up the idea that you will be content with a goodnight back tickle and a morning smile, your needs will include grander things in life such as that cute little sports car you NEED to have. You will no longer enjoy our "together" moments and you will be on the phone endlessly planning your all important life. I understand.

Until then, can I just have those few moments? Those ones that make all the hours of screaming over which style to mold your tangled hair into, or the hours of begging for whatever commercial item you now think it a vital need for your mountainous toy collection, or the one where you just give me the crunchy eyes and try to disintegrate me into thin air. Just give me the snuggles and cute morning smile.

Love always and forever, infinity and beyond,


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