Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Bush Administration - Hurricane Devastation

Mandatory evacuation, poverty and desolation, city mobilization,
Media dramatization, old timer ignored the recommendation,
Weak levee construction, oil refinery industrialization,
New Orleans vibration, and ocean storm vocalization

Flooding beyond imagination, housing and life demolition,
Roof tops and attic protection, survivors their own population,
Rescue workers past exhaustion, keep searching death laden saturation
Government officials leaving no notification, FEMA disaster abbreviation

Coliseum refuge collection, no water no food no rationalization,
Misunderstood no communication, tensions rise and aggravations,
Local government organizations, shoe string operations,
Bush gives an Air Force One ascertain, in political speak tradition

CNN coverage continuation, every story covers the desolation,
Mr. Brown of FEMA no redemption, lives lost due to lack of education,
His job to coordinate emergency motion, his efforts a destruction,
He knows nothing about hospitalizations, or conditions of deprivations

Shocked emotion, city submersion, family disconnection
Starving, stranded, fighting back in retaliation
Gov't types in their suits of admiration, a speech and story of justification
I can not sit in silence giving congratulations, speak up and demand eradication

Answer to your people of accusations, answer to your promise of function,
Turn on CNN to see malnutrition, read the paper to hear cries of frustration,
These are our people, our nation, we won't let loss our connection,
Be the leader you promised during election, save these people, survival is an action


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