Friday, August 26, 2005

To My Little Wonder,

I often times think I should write you more. More than once a year when I actually sit down to do it. I promise I will think about writing you lots more in the future. For now, I am just your Mom, a mom that makes stuff up as she goes, such as thinking I will write you more.

You have been a life saver to me, even though you don't know it, and never will really grasp the meaning of what I just said to you. But don't take that as pressure to be anything other than your wonderful, full of life, self. For that is exactly what saves me in this life.

Ever looked at swiss cheese? Yea, you know I would say something funny like that, and scrunch your cute little nose at me with wrinkled eyes and say, "Mommmmm you are being silly". See that moment when you do that, it makes me forget that just this morning you told me that I do your hair to make you look like a dork. Remember dear child, that a "dork" is a whale penis, and my last thought in my head is not to make you look like an enamorous penis - trust me on that one.

You are going to be in first grade this year, the time has moved so fast. You will be there in your desk with your friends learning about why there is three different ways to spell two, too and to. I know this all seems like a lot to take on, as you told me how nervous you are about school. But you have the wonderful ability to take this world by the coat tails and give it a spin. Learn all you kind right now, because later it may get you out of a speeding ticket. Better yet, school is the one place where people actually expect you to be a kid - enjoy that.

I am about to leave work to come pick you up. I will ask about how swim day was, and what your thoughts on life will be. You will ramble on and on and on because you really like to hear yourself talk, and I will sit in my driver seat and smile. Smile at all the wonderful things you are.

Love always and forever, infinity and beyond,


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