Friday, August 26, 2005


Why is it when you need it most, it is slipping through your fingers. When you want it to pass, it is available in truck loads. Time.

Waiting, rushing in anticipation
Slowing to nothing
Speeding past with nothing left
Do you have the time

There it is letting the moment live. Enjoying just that second when everything was right in the world, when nothing else mattered. Just that second.

Laughing spinning
Letting go of worry
Enjoying the smell the sound the sight
Living in that moment

Only so many hours in the day, minutes in the hour, seconds in the minute. Only so many. Every move forward is one minute less, one hour less, one day less. Less, that is what you have, less of what you did have.

Palm piliots
Day planners
Outlook calenders
There to help capture every available time slot, keeping time from passing you by

When I am lying on my death bed and looking back at my life, I will ask for "more". More time to laugh, more time for memories, more endless summer nights to hear her stories about being a princess living in a castle, more days to love, more hours to be loved, more.

Making memories
Laughing more
Loving today
Living in the moment

Swim in it, soak it into your every part of your being. No more going to bed wishing for just another hour to get things done. There are not enough hours, and never will be. No wasting what precious minutes we have yerning for more time. The clock is already moving forward while you are looking back.



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