Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I Proclaim

No longer a swear word: hell
Say it with me: hell
Slowly now: hell
And quickly: hell
Breathy phone sex like: hell
Pointless mind dribble: hell
Affectionate: hell
Just because: hell

By itself it is powerless and non-aggressive
Do not give it power by making it a verbal flick of pain
Making it dramatic and poignant
Only aids to the absurdity of forbearance

It is not even a concept by some religions
And a place by others
Like Idaho
Or Pensacola

It is a descriptive word
Or an adjective
A noun for sure
Not an accusation

Stop taking it personal
It isn't
It is you that is offended
By your limited scope

I myself like the way it sounds
And use it quite frequently
I am not offended
It is a place, a thing, a phrase

You give it power by your offense
Which offends me
Yes you
Offend me

There I said it


Blogger Sassy said...

And "hell" I just wrote this at work .... I am sure the reason for my firing

2:40 PM  

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