Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Acoustic Love

Remember that time, that one we laughed at till our sides ached
How you were just then with me in the middle of that moment
You never let go of really enjoying the second when I am me
And at times when I am too much you just smile at my ways

How do you keep finding patience for my endless crazy ideas
And the moods where you created "being a grill" to say it is alright
When the silent pauses are okay to allow me to collect my thoughts
A smile the next morning and suddenly everything is okay again

Letting me be the first, since her, when your heart was broke
Trying again without walls to which I couldn't cross
Open and unassuming you reached out your hand for mine
So we could dance the night away in each others arms

Trusting your everything to my care as we embark on McDs play land
Letting them grow and learn to be loving and caring like you
Not afraid to snuggle up in the middle of the park and whisper you love them
Providing my daughter with an image of a happy relationship for Mommy

There you are in a dimly lit room
With your heart in your hand
Strumming a melody of trust
Acoustic Love


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