Monday, June 27, 2005


"Very Chilling Details" opening passage to the hand-off
Dramatic in tone, poised for the best angle
Reels of tape coverage mark our history
Actors, choreographers, money makers, yes very chilling indeed

Death and disaster ripping out our hearts
Scenes of pain splattered across the screen
Hopelessness and tainted lines never crossed
But sunny in Florida, how is that weather for you

Tele-prompted lines fed by political-prompted stories
One hand of the beast serving the other
Both convincing the head that it is just in action
No check point, no return, just a following of the masses

Channel two channel thirteen and all in between
With the sound on or off the words meaningless
Real stories are not told on the five or the ten
But in documentaries shown for the few and unrecognized

Over emphasized and quietly snuck in between
Spin a story get us ready for the next thing
Bigger the wheels turn fed by greed
Media, the media, yes very chilling indeed


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