Tuesday, June 07, 2005

It Doesn't Hurt

Pain is Love
Pain Is Love

Writhing in pain of a fresh wound to see the red color bleed down the smooth tones of the flesh, the tears that flow down and the sounds of pain echoing in the emptiness of time. Vivid, real.

Yet I look at my body and there is no wound to see, nothing hurts and there is no band-aids healing old pain. I am full and well and able to move freely. My arms are able to reach and my hands to grasp life. My legs move me forward and my feet keep me stable so I don't fall. I am well.

I wonder if there is not pain, is it not real? Can love be complete and whole without working through pain and healing? Can it just be pure and good? Can we rethink our learned patterns and create harmony on the first attempt?

Standing on a plane of perfect equilibrium, enjoying the space I am occupying.


Blogger LunarPause said...

Would love be worth the pain if it were easy to grasp and hold?

Would the pain even be noticed if love were a commodity and not precious?

10:48 PM  

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