Monday, June 13, 2005


doorsI look and I see doors. Some are old and tired having seen lots of life pass them by. Freshly painted doors to cover old injuries. Replaced doors, and newly built doors. Iron doors that allow a vision through yet not passage. Glass doors that crystallize the scene from beyond. Heavy doors that are beyond strength to move. Doors that have been left partially open inviting in. Tall luminous doors taking a bigger then life presence. Doors that are just existing. Fancy doors well taken care of glittering in the sun.


Closing doors in life to end a story. Sometimes locking it just to make sure that it is never visited again. Opening new doors, not knowing what is on the other side. Running past other doors, and sometimes just standing for days staring at a door. Grasping the door knob and slowly turning, or too scared to turn it at all. Flinging open doors and rushing in not caring or worrying why. Holding someone's hand as they open or close their door. Looking back at a door and really walking away. Sitting on the door step unable to leave. Immovable doors that you crash into in a last attempt. Doors that never close no matter how hard you pull.

My door.


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