Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Have you ever stopped to think that if you had not walked the road you had that you could not step forward on the path you are on?

Recently I have experienced a deep amount of pain at the loss of those I had spent my whole life trying to get close to. They were taken from life without consideration for those left to try and comprehend the greater meaning of it.

Pain in the rawest form, left with no explanation of why. No amount of rehearsed speeches or comforting embraces can lessen the pain that lingers. There is no greater distaste for knowledge then that forced upon you during life's weakness.

I have sat inside a church during the impressionist years of my adolescence to hear that there is greater purpose, and the twice told sermon of salvation and it's answer to all of life's unanswered questions of "why". It was pacifying when life was easy and required little information for happiness. Looking back, I can see how it laid the path for my quest of spirituality now.

Now I desire to unearth what moves human emotion. I want to grasp it at the root to touch and feel the grittiness of truth.

This is my quest.



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