Thursday, June 02, 2005

Come With Me

I'll giggle in the background while you call into work with your made up illness all the time smiling through the attempt at convincing them you are out for the day. I will grab a bag and fill it with our favorite CDs and mango fruit.

As we playfully kiss one another as we fill up the tank with gas, our minds will race to an escape from the humdrum of our ordinary lives. I will buy ice cold tea and a pack of tic-tacs just so that I can share with you this time. Leaving town and turning off the cell phones will be our final to-do item.

Onward towards small towns filled with old timers and their life stories. We will stop at all the tourist traps and take silly pictures of us. I will take a pen and note "I love you" on your hand. We will ask perfect strangers to capture a once in a lifetime moment on film. We will laugh when we say we are from Rhode Island instead of home.

The day will end and we will return to normalcy. We will return to our obligations and our many task-list. We will pay the bills and feed the children and getting ready for another day of work. Each one walking their path in life.

But for a moment, even just one moment, we were in the moment.


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