Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A post about love ...

Can you imagine no love, pride, deep-fried chicken
Your best friend always sticking up for you even when I know you're wrong
Can you imagine no first dance, freeze dried romance five-hour phone conversation
The best soy latte that you ever had . . . and me

It is a beautiful sunny day, you have nothing to do. You are 8, and life is simple. A trip to the playground at the park, where you join the world as you know it. You don't care that your jeans aren't designer, or that you have a full schedule over the next week. You are lucky if you remembered to put socks on before your shoes. Your friends are made up of someone who was willing to give you the other half of their popsicle. Your car is your beat up bike with miles of memories on the tires. Your parents are your only boss, and they really are all knowing to you. You are 8, and life is simple.

Rushing down to the park, you see it. Oddly strange but yet totally fascinating. It is filled with other children, some laughing hysterically, and even a few crying. There are children waiting to get on the ride and some desperately trying to get off.

The merry-go-round.

Now, to my soy latte.


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