Friday, May 27, 2005

I Bliss Like This

He sent me the lyrics to a song, with the one statement that has stuck. "I bliss like this". So simple, yet exactly how it is. How did I get here? What did I do? Which step changed everything?

Sometimes I think of all the missed opportunities, all the times that maybe I could have, but didn't. Where was I that it was so out of reach? Why did I not get the needed pieces. Who can save me, do I need saving? There I was, just then, and here I bliss, yes I bliss like this.

Can't touch it, yet it is there. There is no way to recreate or design a plan in order to achieve. I don't grasp the workings of the machine, or the knowledge of how to fix it if it were to break down. I bliss like this.

Wonder how long it will last? Where does it dissolve into a dismal life of just living day to day, when the sky bleeds into the horizon? How do I sustain and yet not compromise it's unexpected quality? Often to only be left wondering how to get back to bliss.

Not worrying about tomorrow, or looking back to yesterday, but diving head first into the deep end of the cool water, feeling it rush over your body and shock you into total bliss.

I bliss like this.


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