Friday, April 08, 2005

Yodel This!

Reading today's article where Elton John says "that Eminem is on par with Jimi Hendrix and Mick Jagger", it brought up a discussion among my esteemed colleagues about the merits of Eminem. To which I credited Eminem for being able to pull in audiences from all genres and get them to at least try rap, that is pretty monumental for an artist. To which it was said, "yea but he does white rap, that the white community likes". I said I didn't think that his success was based on color or appealing to white America. He said that is because I am bias (being white I suppose), and I said no, I am racist. He said, "against who", I said, "the yodelers".

Those damn yodelling types always trying to get their voice heard, trying to bring about history and tradition to urban America, based on roots and hard fast lessons of life. Do they get a break? No. Sure, LeAnn Rhimes has a fleeting moment of fame, but was she true to her yodel, or just another pretty face? Rise up now, suppress the yodelers or anyone who tries to yodel. Certainly stop anyone who isn't of true yodel roots to try to yodel themselves. We can't have that kind of chaos running the streets. I mean people trying to learn other people's culture or appreciate the art of yodel. Get your bumper sticker now, "I hate yodelers" or "mean yodelers suck". Let us segregate and be apart from the yodelling community.

What? Are you laughing?

Oh don't tell me you haven't been somewhere just enjoying yourself and out of the back corner you hear that soft yodelling and don't get irritated? I do.


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