Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Top Places To Meet Women

That is today's article of choice: Expert Advice: 7 good places to meet women. They come up with really cute ideas like yoga class, book club, public transportation, lecture, shoe store, dog park and cooking course. Who is writing this article? Have they been in the dating scene lately?

Can you picture the unfortunate guy who decides to take up this advice. There he will be riding the bus down to the book store to hear the latest lecture on women's rights walk through the dog park over to the shoe store and try to squeeze in a class at Wild Oats. All the while trying to meet these women who at every encounter is just going to piss them off for interrupting. Who wants to be hit on while attending a lecture? Or picking out a new pair of high heels, what is his introduction line going to be there? "Those are a nice selection, my Mother just bought a pair"? Can you even imagine him at a yoga class trying to make flirting eyes while in sitting duck position? I imagine that it is hard to carry on a deep conversation while trying to not step in dog doo-doo at the park, and the simple use of "watch out for that doo-doo" shots any possibility of seeming manly out the door.

I say meet women where they can't go anywhere. How about the Doctor's office? You have a full hour with her that she is going to have to talk to you, and not like she has anything better to do - so he is in. I suppose at this point though it would be best to maybe pick your office accordingly, I am not thinking an OBGYN office would be a huge success. Or try H&R Block waiting room, you could open with, "are you filing single?", hey everyone likes to talk about filing status. What about the untapped resource of scrapbook stores, lots of women there and hey they even come with a built in talent. Another huge saturation of women (who mostly talk about wanting a man) is the nail salon, although I haven't quite figured the angle there for why he would be just hanging around - maybe metrosexual (which is very 'in' now) and likes a good manicure. Think of it this way, it cost $20 which is cheaper then a night in the bar, you are there for at least an hour, surrounded by women.

Damn, I should publish that one.


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