Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Reality Shows

So today's headliner is that Britney Spears and her husband Kevin are going to air their own reality of what it is like to be filthy rich and married ... gee when can I tune in?

I think secretly the CEOs of the television world are having a big laugh at our expense. I can just hear them in their board meeting, "I wonder how incredibly stupid the American public are, what reality show will they watch? Let's see we have done Cops, ER, singletons, married cheating bastards, rich bitches ... hmm what else?" They will see just how much we will suck into, next we are going to have reality shows about the exciting lives of the pod-people. You know like you and me in our little corporate cubicles, and there will be some cute Ashton Kutcher type that is going to 'punk' us to see how far peons will go before they explode.

There will be an entire episode dedicated to the time-card that won't clock you in, and swipe after swipe it just keeps saying "error". Or the one where maintenance says they have to shut down the water for the day, but there are porta-potties available for use. Watching everyone in their corporate suits trying to use the porta-potties in the middle of the mile long parking lot. Maybe a really fascinating episode where they randomly move your beige sedan to a new parking spot and see what happens.

Yea, stay tuned ....


Blogger owen mcmichaels said...

Id like to thank my friend here for her very small yet totally noticable nod to me in her blog today.. Yes.. Im her Peon.. no not peon, but start it with a capital p and that was me in highschool. the short fat kid that hung out with three girls.

1:23 AM  

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