Monday, April 11, 2005

The Mouse Must Go

I admit - I have mouse envy! Is that even possible? In today's cyber world of gadgets that make you breathe heavy and bring pure web surfing ecstasy, how can a girl of ordinary nature compete?

I saw the gleam in his eye as he talked of the ability to click and scroll with the smoothness of the track ball, the way he got that far off stare reminiscing of days in the past that they shared together, or the memories they made.

Am I secure enough? Do I feel okay that I may not have the accessories that mouse does, but I do have charm and charisma, right? I mean try putting a slinky number on the wireless toy, will it look the same? Yea sure, it can take you to the world wide web, but can it hold you at night?

Soon, it will be outdated, and other gadgets will be trying to get your devotion, you will have to make that all important decision, to upgrade or not?

Yes, the mouse must go.


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