Monday, April 04, 2005

If I were a comedian ...

Last night we went to Wiseguy's Comedy Club in good ole West Valley, Utah. For a Sunday evening activity in Utah it rates high. Besides the fact that nothing else is going on, you can actually order beer there, making it a prime choice for entertainment.

They have open mic on Thursday nights, where anyone can give it a hand at being Mr. or Mrs. Funny for the night. I have often been told that I am a funny person, but am I really?

One has to consider that only a small portion of society are even going to get my jokes, I don't enjoy slap-stick humor, although no matter how old you are saying the word "diarrhea" still makes you giggle. But I enjoy the deeper humor or sometimes dark humor of our world, and you need a beyond normal IQ to get it. Well perhaps that is overstating it a bit, but if you are still reading then you know what I am talking about.

For instance today I scanned the news. Every news source is covering the Pope's death. I find it necessary at this point to say that I did in fact capitalize the Pope on purpose, even though no one else chooses to (my respects I suppose). After reading endlessly about how he spent his final hours, I went to the local news to see what else might be happening. Channel
4utah had the top 10 articles posted ... in order: Pope, park stabbing, LDS (Mormon), Snowfall, LDS conference, LDS Church statistics, Pope, "No Hope" left for the Pope, Teen beating, and ending it up with a nice rape story.

Okay so this is where I enjoy dark humor, but that line-up is pure comedy. Well we got a Pope story, better throw in some evil between, so umm yea lets put the stabbing story there, back to happier news the LDS church, tempered with some non-bias reporting on snowfall, back to our favorite story LDS conference and that was so good lets talk about church statistics followed by the cute phrase "no hope for the pope", and oh yea, these last two little diddies teen beating and rape. Have a nice day folks!


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