Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I poisoned my family!

I cooked a lovely meal last night of steak and french fries, ah yes you can already see where this is going. Getting ready this morning we all took turns emptying our stomachs as the waves of pain overtook us. I have a six year old and my thirteen year old cousin who is living with me, each asking me "why?".

My cousin came to live with me about two months ago, and I have attempted four meals since her arrival. One resulted in raw hamburger on the inside and crispy crunch on the outside, she made one attempt at eating that and then listened to rational thought and threw it out. My second attempt was at these fishstick type dinner, which ended up being charcoal briquettes, and not fit even for the garbage. One medicore dinner and then last night it turned out well, but this morning we are all wishing I would STOP cooking.

I can't cook for the kids then how do I even attempt to cook for a man. How will I win his heart, if I can't get to him through his stomach? No, I haven't attempted any sort of culinary skills on him yet, a blessing in disguise I think.

I better be good in bed.


Blogger owen mcmichaels said...

its true..
this girl burns water..
my advice madamoiselle is to take a cooking class..
they say the way to a mans heart is through is stomach.. So being good in bed is not gonna help you out all that much.
but you are a fabulous person to hang out with and you are funny as hell.. who knows. maybe you will find a rich man and he can hire a chef..
hugs and snogs

1:02 PM  

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